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Ruoff Notchers for sale at Sierra Victor Industries

Ruoff Notcher is an automatic power notcher for the Heating, Air Conditioning, and Sign Industry. The RUOFF NOTCHER is a punch press with an adjustable automatic feed. It is precision designed for punching various shapes, along the edge of sheet material.

Sheet steel, galvanized iron, aluminum, plastics, cardboard, or any sheet material that can be punched, can be handled by the RUOFF NOTCHER. It is easily installed in less than five minutes.

The encapsulated rubber cord on the special feed wheel allows the notched material to remain smooth, unmarred, and without serrated impressions. It is particularly useful for sign shop applications and notching of pre-painted aluminum. Variable Depths from 1/8" to 7/8" and Variable Spacing of 5/8" to 1 1/8".

Some of the many uses of the Ruoff Notcher: Notched starting collar for ductwork, Notched standing for fittings, Notched sections for sign work and Notched flange for metal letters.

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