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6 ft (72 in.+), 5/16"

AKYAPAK AHS 20/06 6' x 5/16" 4-Roll Hydraulic Plate Roll

6 ft (72 in.+), 5/16"



AHS 20/06

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AKYAPAK AHS 20/06 4-Roll Hydraulic Plate Roll has a working length of 6.9 ft and maximum thickness bending of 5/16 inches.

In AHS 4-Roll Plate Rolling Machines, one of the side rolls can be used as a squaring roll, thus the plate can be easily and precisely aligned along the roll across the input direction.

AHS offers reliable and excellent solutions for precise and challenging rolling applications. It is the most reasonable choice to bend the materials with a plate thickness of 2mm to 200mm and with a plate width of 500mm to 12000mm.