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SAFETY SPEED CUT 120V Panel Saw & 120V Router SR5U

Price of optional accessories will be ADDITIONAL to price of machine
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SAFETY SPEED CUT 62" 120V Panel Saw & 120V Router SR5U

  • A big brother to the SR5, the SR5U is equipped with a heavier duty worm drive motor, a 3-1/4 Hp router motor and aluminum material rollers. This machine is perfect for cabinet shops, composite panel fabrication and other applications where both panel sizing and panel routing are required functions. Ask about our V-grooving package.
  • 220V motors available


  • 3 Hp, worm driven saw motor.
  • 3-1/4 Hp, heavy-duty router motor.
  • 10 ft. welded steel frame.
  • Chrome-plated 1-3/4” guide tubes.
  • 8 Nylatron roller bearing system.
  • Adjustable vertical and horizontal rulers.
  • Quick change from vertical to horizontal cutting.
  • Thin material pressure guard 4 material clamps.
  • Integrated dust collection bonnets.
  • Solid aluminum material rollers.
  • Enclosed counterweight system.
  • Adjustable floating router head.
  • MID-WAY FENCE with stop.
  • MID-WAY FENCE flip stop.
  • 2 blind dado stops.
  • Extended warranty.
  • TUV certified to UL/CSA standards.
ITEM: 62" Panel Saw & Router Upgrade (120V)


Safety Speed Cut

ACCESSORIES (safety_speed2018_2019_accessories.pdf, 3,468 Kb) [Download]

Max. Crosscut
62" / 1,575mm
Max. Rip Cut
Max. Cut Thickness
1-3/4" / 45mm
Cut Accuracy, Straight and Square
1/64" / .4mm
Saw Blade Diameter
15 amp, 120V or 220V
11 amp, 120V or 220V
Frame Length
120" / 3,050mm
90" x 120" x 36"
Shipping Dimensions
124" x 17" x 92"
Shipping Weight

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

NOTE: Data is provided by the manufacturer.


  • Wheels: Allow the machine to be moved easily when in the completely upright position. When the machine is resting on either stand, wheels are disengaged and the machine will not move independently.
  • Dust Collection System: Our Dust Collection options allow you to efficiently remove most airborne dust particles and maintain a safer, cleaner working environment. For new machine purchases, select a dust kit that matches your model number. For previously purchased machines additional components are required. Choose one of our industrial vacuums to complete your dust collection system or hook up your machine to an existing collector.
  • QUICK STOP GAUGE: The QUICK STOP gauge promotes easily adjustable repeat cutting. Using an 8' long heavy extrusion with an embedded scale and an adjustable machined aluminum stop block, the QUICK STOP gauge provides an easy to use method of making repeat cuts at any length.
  • Fixed Stand: The Fixed Stand allows the machine to free stand anywhere in your shop. The tripod design minimizes the effects of the most uneven shop floor while holding your machine at the optimum angle for stable material handling and cutting.
  • Hold Down Bar: The Hold Down Bar keeps thin and flexible materials firmly against the machine frame for accurate, easy and safe cutting. The Hold Down Bar features spring steel fingers with non- marring rollers to reduce vibration and flex while cutting thin materials.
  • MID-WAY FENCE: Brings your small panel work to waist height. Reduce back fatigue while cutting quantities of small panels on your machine. The MID-WAY FENCE system uses removable fence supports on both the left and right of the machine center. Included is a stop block riding over recessed gauges for setting stops for repeat cuts.
  • Stop Bar Gauge: The Stop Bar is a multiple stop system for production shops. Its 8' length has an imbedded gauge with adjustable, flip down stops for cutting of up to 8 standard lengths.
  • Specialty Saw Blades: We offer a wide range of high quality Saw Blades for various applications. These blades are carefully selected for optimal performance while cutting a variety of materials from plywood, plastics, composite panels and aluminum.
  • Extensions: Come as a pair and add 20" to each side of the material handling roller fence allowing for easy processing of larger panels. Extensions enable full sized machines to easily cut panels larger than 10' in length, quickly, accurately and safely, with just a single operator.
Fixed Stand
Quick stop gauge (8ft / 2.44m)
Stop bar gauge
Digital Quick Stop
MID-WAY FENCE flip stop.
VSR Dust

Dust kit (New machine purchases only)
includes: hose, rollers, dust tube and elbow
( Existing machines may require dust bonnett)

Industrial VAC - 1 HP, 100 CFM, 90" S.P.
Industrial VAC - 2.25 HP, 115 CFM, 110" S.P.
Hold down bar
Panel Dolly
Automater (all 120 Volt machines)
High quality saw blades and router bits
Digital readout for vertical cuts

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