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12' x 200 Ton STANDARD INDUSTRIAL® Hydraulic CNC Press Brake - MADE IN USA!

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ITEM: 12' x 200 Ton Hydraulic CNC Press Brake
MODEL# AB200-12
Standard Industrial
Tonnage Forming/Punching
Bed Ram Length
Distance between Housings
Open Height
Stroke Length
Closed Height
Below Grade
Approach Press Return
20 h.p. 107-20-139
Throat Depth
Bed Width
Weight (prox. lbs.)

*Contact Sierra Victor Industries if overall heights are critical.
*Bed heights can be lowered with full machine pits
*Contact Sierra Victor Industries for specifications on other size brakes

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

NOTE: Data is provided by the manufacturer.

WARRANTY: 5 YEARSTANDARD Parts & Limited Labor

  • Ram Control and Safety Systems:
  • Hand/Foot Safety Sequence With Footswitch – System that allows the operator to use a footswitch after the ram hits the slow speed.
  • Light Curtain Safety Barrier With Footswitch – Infrared light system that allows the use of a footswitch during all points of operation.
  • Extra 2 Hand Control Station – Extra 2 hand pedestal station for 2 man control (one pedestal is standard).
  • Extra Footswitch – For 2 man control in use with Hand/foot sequence or light curtain system.
  • Low Speed Retract – Slows the return speed of the ram down considerably when handling heavy, long work pieces, recommended for large press brakes – Can be turned on/off for small work.
  • 4 Position In-Line Depth Stop – Pre-set up to 4 different ram depths with micrometer precision and select all four ram depths from 4 position selector switch mounted on pedestal.
  • Auto Return Of Ram – Ram automatically returns to top of stroke after completion of stroke.
  • Adjustable Pressure Sensitive Ram Reversal – Protect dies and work-pieces by setting a maximum pressure and once the pressure is achieved, the ram reverses.
  • Programmable Ram Control –Set the Up limit, Speed change, the Lower limit and many other features with a PLC (Y axis) control.
  • Lube Systems:
  • Manifold Centralized Lube System – All lube points are brought to a centralized location on the back of the brake for incredibly simple and fast maintenance.
  • Automatic Lubrication System – All points are automatically lubricated with a powered pump through an air operated, timed system.
  • Bed And Ram Extensions:
  • 10" Wide x 10’ Long Removable Flanges For Bed And/Or Ram – 10" wide precision machined, removable bed and/or ram extensions x 10’ in length between the end frames (NOTE) Must be ordered with machining of bed and ram for flanges.
  • Machining For 10" Wide x 10’ Long Removable Flanges – Precision machining to the bed and/or ram required to mount the machined flanges.
  • Permanent Bed And Ram Flanges – Non-removable, permanent flanges for bed and/or ram used for wide dies and pressing applications (NOTE) Typical press brake tooling cannot be used w/ wide bed and ram.
  • Horns For Bed And Ram – 12" long extensions of the bed and ram designed to lengthen the bed and ram but not the distance between housings.
  • Other Available Options:
  • Decompression System For Bottoming Applications – Reduces shock to hydraulic system that occurs during bottoming applications.
  • Die Roll Bars For Four Way Dies – Convenient hooks in the ram that aid in turning four way dies.
  • 24" T-Slot Support/Gauging Arms – Heavy duty T-slotted arms that provide support for work pieces and allow operators to set stops in t-slots for gauging purposes. Also available with scales.
  • Drop Stops For T-Slot Support Arms – Gravity stops that allow operators to easily gauge material.
  • 5/8" T-slot Across Front Edge Of Brake Bed – T-slot across edge of bed to move arms left to right.
  • Extra Open Height – Increases the open height of ram (NOTE) Does not increase stroke length.
  • Extra Stroke – Increases overall ram stroke (NOTE) Does not increase open height.
  • Extra Throat Depth – Increases overall throat depth measured from the centerline of bed.
  • Optional Controls and Gauging: SEE ATTACHMENTS TAB

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