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U.S. INDUSTRIAL Precision Geared Head Engine Lathe USL 1660 CX-KIT

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U.S. INDUSTRIAL Precision Geared Head Engine Lathe USL 1660 CX-KIT

ITEM: 16" x 60" Precision Geared Head Engine Lathe
  • This precision, heavy duty geared head engine lathe incorporates hardened and precision ground bedways on longitudinal and cross ways, and wide, precision ground gears. It has a gap-bed design, feed-rod/lead screw safety interlock system, weight bearing tailstock and forward/reverse levers at both the aprons and the head stock.
  • As with all U.S. Industrial lathes, it comes with a plethora of standard accessories, 3 and 4-jaw chucks, followers and steady rests, work lamp, coolant system and an operator/service manual. This model available with or without digital readout and taper attachment.


  • 10" 3-Jaw Chuck . Universal, Self-centering
  • 12" 4-Jaw Chuck independent chuck
  • 15" Face Plate
  • Dog plate
  • Full length backsplash
  • Flood Coolant system
  • Work lamp
  • Follow Rest
  • Steady Rest
  • Thread Dial
  • Micrometer carriage stop
  • 4-way toolpost
  • Foot brake with microswitch and brake
  • Safety chuck shield
  • Taper attachment - installed (USL 1660 CX-KIT)
  • Sino 2-axis digital readout inch/metric - installed (USL 1660 CX-KIT)
  • Large spindle bore to pass 3"
  • Slide out chip pan
  • Manual with test certificate
  • Inch/Metric reading dials on apron, cross-slide and compound
US Industrial
Swing Over Bed
16.53” (420mm)
Swing Over Cross Slide
8.85” (225mm)
Swing Over Gap
21.65” (550mm)
Length of Gap
10.23” (260mm)
Maximum Workpiece Length
59.05” (1500mm)
Spindle Bore
3.15" (80mm)
Spindle Type
15 Spindle Speeds
24 - 1,600 RPM
66 Longitudinal Feeds
.0027 to .15 IPR
66 Cross feeds
.00135 to .075 IPR
66 Metric Threads
0.5 to 28mm
66 Inch Threads
1 to 56 TPI
33 Module Threads
0.5 to 3.5mm
33 Diametral Pitch Threads
8 to 56 DP
Compound Rest Travel
5.119” (130mm)
Cross-slide travel
12” (305mm)
Tailstock taper
No. 5 Morse Taper
Tailstock Spindle Travel
4.72” (120mm)
Main Motor
10 HP (7.5 kw) 220V or 440V, 3-phase
Coolant Pump Motor
Fractional HP
120” long, 48” wide, 60” tall
Lathe Gross Weight
4,400 lbs.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

NOTE: Data is provided by the manufacturer.



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