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HUTH® Heavy Duty Bender: 2601HD - MADE IN USA!

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ITEM: 3" Heavy Duty Bender
Bending Capacity
3" OD Pipe
7-1/2 HP
Electrics (please specify)
220V, 60 Hz Operation.
Single-Phase requires 50 amp service.
Three-Phase requires 30 amp service.
Bending Power
85,000 lbs.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

NOTE: Data is provided by the manufacturer.


  • * Available with swager/expander – Model 2600


  • 010 Die Package Tooling
  • 011 Die Package Tooling
  • 013 Die Package Tooling
  • 016 Die Package Metric Tooling - Export
  • 028 Die Package Tooling
  • 1992 3" Tooling Package
  • 1993 3" Tooling Package
  • 1995 2-3/4" Tooling Package
  • 1996 3" Short Tooling Package
  • 1997 2-3/4" Short Tooling Package
  • 1988 3" End Finishing Package
  • 1989 1-7/8" Optional Package
  • Huth Pipe & Tube Bending Dies
  • Swage Dies
  • Reducing Dies
  • Ball Joint Tools - Female
  • Flaring/Flanging Tools
  • Header Collector Tool
  • Clamp Collets (All Models After Jan ‘85)
  • Huth Tube Expanders
  • Control Wrinkle Die 5531 now available for this model to bend 304 Stainless Steel.

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In stock