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3 cu. ft. C&M TOPLINE® Mr Deburr Rectangular Vibratory Finishing Tank - MADE IN USA!

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ITEM: 3 Cu. Ft. Mr Deburr Rectangular Vibratory Finishing Tank
3 Cu. Ft.
Inside tank dimensions
Length 31" x Depth 13" x Width 13.5"
1 HP, Single Phase or 3 Phase
110 volts @ 60 hertz or 220 volts @ 60 hertz
Shipping Weight*
400 lbs.

*Includes Pallet Weight

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

NOTE: Data is provided by the manufacturer.



  • 110v Timer  (for DB300 only)
  • Media & compound starter kit for steel: Includes 150 pounds of ceramic media 7/8 x 3/8 ACTS SF and five gallons of VF-100 heavy duty compound
  • Media & compound starter kit for aluminum: Includes 100 pounds of plastic media 1 x 3/4 Wedge X and five gallons of VF-77 general purpose cleaner compound.
  • Dividers for 300DB Vibratory Finishing Tank: Divide tank so that you can run two different types of media and deburr aluminum and steel at the same time. Compartmentalize machine to reduce part impingement on soft material. Divide tank so that very small parts can be run with small media in one section while utilizing the reminder of the tank for other parts. Easy to install. Economically priced. Always available.
  • Sound Abatement Covers: Made with durable poly plastic material. Custom sized to fit each machine. Easy to use. Comes with rust proof stainless steel bolt for attaching to machine.
    • Width: 18”
    • Length: 33-1/2”
    • Thickness: 3/16”
    • Weight in lbs: 5
  • The 7 gallon bucket is used with all sizes of the vibratory bowls & the 300DB to circulate the compound mixture through the machine with our submersible pump. This pail is ideal for the application. It is the perfect height to hold the submersible pump on the bracket. It also fits the clean out screens and is the optimal height to reduce splashing and loss of media when doing a clean out. The right tool for the important role that water and compound play in the deburring process.
    • Height: 20"
    • Diameter: 12"
    • Weight: 5 lbs.

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