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ERBEND CNC Folder MFC 3215 In Stock and Ready for immediate delivery

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10 ft (120 in.+), 16 ga

ERBEND MFC 3215 10 ft x 16 ga. CNC Folder

10 ft (120 in.+), 16 ga


MFC 3215

In stock
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ERBEND MFC3215 126 ft x 16 ga. CNC sheet metal folder in the metal fabrication marketplace in North America.

These machines feature advanced technology, a sleek design and easy operation, making Erbend an incomparable CNC folding machine.

This CNC sheet metal folding machine has a Manual mechanical crowning system, AC motorized drive X,Y, Z, C-Axis (clamping, folding, back gauge, clamp rotate) and Flat rail bottom beam tool for feather groves.