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Tennsmith’s has a series of box and pan brakes that were designed to provide heavy-duty forming capability, along with the flexibility of removable 6-inch box depth fingers. Ample clamping and easy-to-use nose bar adjustments allow for a quick-setting bend radius. Welded steel plate construction and heavy truss rods and braces provide strength and rigidity.

CODE: HB121-18

CODE: HBU48-16

CODE: HBT48-12

CODE: HBU48-12

CODE: F6-48-12


CODE: HB48-12

CODE: HB73-16

CODE: HB97-18

CODE: HB97-16

CODE: HB97-12

CODE: HB145-18

CODE: HB121-14

CODE: HB121-16

CODE: F6-72-12

CODE: F6-96-12