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Sierra Victor Industries invite you to shop and compare, offering Manual Box/Pan and Straight Brakes from a range of manufacturers like Tennsmith, GMC Machine Tools, Baileigh, U.S. Industrial and more.

Not sure which brand or model is best for you? Give Sierra Victor a call at 386-304-3720.

JET BPF-16100, 100" x 14 Gauge Floor Model Hand Brake, 754115 Save 18%

CODE: 754115

JET BPF-1248, 48" x 12 Gauge Floor Model Box and Pan Brake, 754110 Save 17%

CODE: 754110

JET BPB-1650, 50" x 16 Gauge Bench Model Box & Pan Brake, 754105 Save 18%

CODE: 754105

JET PBF-1650D 16GA X 50 DUAL SIDED BOX & PAN, 752130 Save 19%

CODE: 752130

JET ​BP-1272 12GA x72" FLOOR BOX & PAN BRAKE, 754125 Save 18%

CODE: 754125

JET BP-1672 16GA x 72" FLOOR BOX & PAN BRAKE, 754130 Save 18%

CODE: 754130

CODE: HB121-18

CODE: HBU48-16

CODE: HBT48-12

CODE: HBU48-12

CODE: F6-48-12


CODE: HB48-12

CODE: HB73-16

CODE: HB97-18

CODE: HB97-16

CODE: HB97-12

CODE: HB145-18

CODE: HB121-14

CODE: HB121-16

CODE: F6-72-12

CODE: F6-96-12

CODE: F6-120-14

CODE: HBU72-16

CODE: HBT72-16

CODE: S48-22

CODE: U48-22

CODE: HBS48-16

CODE: NU-4816-C

CODE: V-412

CODE: V-812

CODE: V-1014

CODE: V-1014-6C

CODE: V-812-6C

CODE: V-1016-6

CODE: V-612-6C