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Birmingham Box and Brake offers a wide range of built machines that are higher quality as well as price. They go through a rigorous examination in overseas before they ship. After 10 years and many machines sold in the field, Birmingham machines have proven to be a great solid machine tool for a great price.

Birmingham machines are a great way to keep over head costs down while maintaining a high level of product quality. If you have any questions please let Sierra Victor knowledgeable staff help you. Give us a call at 386-304-3720.

CODE: NU-4816-C

CODE: V-412

CODE: V-812

CODE: V-1014

CODE: V-1014-6C

CODE: V-812-6C

CODE: V-1016-6

CODE: V-612-6C

CODE: SBR-5216-C

CODE: V-412-6C

CODE: V-412-6

CODE: V-612-6

CODE: V-812-6

CODE: V-1014-6

CODE: NU-4816-CT

CODE: NU-4816