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A manually-operated finger brake from Baileigh lets you make boxes and pans that you couldn’t create with a straight brake. Thanks to heavy steel construction, these box brakes will remain accurate over a lifetime of use.

This line ranges from a 2-foot, 16-gauge small metal brake to a mighty 13-foot, 22-gauge machine.

Each sheet metal finger brake offers:

  • 8 to 16 hardened fingers of various lengths, enabling you to make a wide range of boxes and pans.
  • Bending apron counterweights to take the fatigue out of manual bending, even at maximum capacity.
  • Torsion system that prevents the beam from twisting.
  • Stop rod, so you can make repeatable bends all day long.
  • Rigid steel frame to keep the machine from flexing and ensure reliable high-quality results.
  • Lifetime technical support by phone from our team of reps, all with hands-on machine experience. Call us whenever you need troubleshooting or project advice.
  • 1-year parts warranty.

If you want to speed up production and reduce operator effort, consider our line of hydraulic box and pan brakes.